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FIRST FRIDAY is cancelled for tonight, August 4th

Come join in our fun with a night full of sports, movie & pizza!

The fun starts at 7pm and lasts until 11pm.  Have a night out and come join the fun!  Call or register on our website to attend.




2017 Summer 1 session
   Thursday nights
   May 4 - June 29
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 ADULT CO-ED Open Play

 Tuesday, 8:30pm - 10:30pm



 Wednesday, 8:30pm-10:30pm


 Sunday, 5pm - 7pm



Sunday, 7pm - 9pm


Summer Camp 2017

       Austin Sports Academy is the perfect place to keep your kids moving and entertained all summer. We offer full and half-day camps for boys and girls from ages 5 - 14 years old. We plan our camps to be full of skill-based activites  that will keep them active and engaged. Every Friday, we  take the full day campers swimming at Deep Eddy pool to keep them cool, too! 

       Our Southwest location will be offering a variety of  soccer camps. We will provide high quality instruction and activities for the day, but ask that kids come with their own food and beverage.  We will be holding camp every week of the summer months.  Soccer camp weekly descriptions are included below.


Rates for Camps

1 Week of Half Day Camps:  8am-12pm   $175

1 Week of Full Day Camps:  8am-5pm    $250

Single Day Rates:  $40 for Half Day;  $60 for Full Day

Goalkeeping Camp:  $200 Half Day ONLY - morning

 Team discounts (8+ campers) for soccer camps are available!

Click here to register for all Austin Sports Academy Summer Camps



Austin Sports Academy Summer Camp Details 

ASA Shooting & Finishing Camp - Ages 5-14 yrs old  - available FULL or HALF day

June 12th - 16th

July 10th - 14th

August 7th - 11th

Learn what it takes to become one of soccer's most prized players - A Goal Scorer!

Vision, commitment, technique, responsibility, these are all words to describe a goal scorer. They are attributes of the most desired player in soccer, someone that can score goals consistently. At ASA Finishing Camp, each player will learn what the words mean and how to apply them to their game. Scoring goals is the final element to a game, which can determine a win or a loss. Chances are rare and it is the player that can take those precious chances and put the ball in the net that make a difference in a game. No matter what has happened during a game, it all comes down to who scores the most goals.  This camp is about scoring goals!


Ball Mastery/First Touch Camp - Ages 5-14 yrs old  - available FULL or HALF day

June 26th - 30th

July 31st - August 4th

The ASA Ball Mastery & First Touch camp is a coed camp designed for the competitive youth player who wants to work on their first touch and movement with the ball. The curriculum will provide many opportunities to work with the ball at your foot and provide opportunities to learn how to receive the ball, move with the ball, and how to bring the ball down from the air.


Sports & Adventure CampAges 5-14 yrs old - available FULL day ONLY 

June 12th - 16th

July 10th - 14th

August 7th - 11th

By combining fun outdoor adventures with classic sport instruction, ASA Sports & Adventure camp will keep your kids active, healthy, and learning the joy of physical activity outdoors. ASA promotes high quality educational, recreational, and athletic experiences to all its campers. Camp coaches will engage kids in a wide variety of activities each week including hiking, basketball, soccer, swimming, ultimate frisbee, speed & agility, disc golf, rock climbing, flag football, golf, yoga, obstacle courses, bowling and so much more! The goal of ASA camps is always to keep kids having fun while learning new skills and staying physically active.

Sports & Adventure Camp Daily Agenda:
  ~ Transport campers to outdoor activity location each morning
  ~ Lunch break – outdoors or ASA facility, weather permitting
  ~ Transport campers to ASA location for afternoon sports activity
  ~ Dismissal & Pickup by parents
     * Weekly Field Trip scheduled to a variety of FUN places
     * Friday afternoon campers swim at Deep Eddy pool


1v1 Elite Skills CampAges 5-14 yrs old  - available FULL or HALF day

June 19th - 23rd

July 17th - 21st

August 14th - 18th

At ASA, 1v1 Elite Skills Camp will bring together some of Austin's top players and coaches in a fun, yet competitive environment geared towards creating players who are more confident, dynamic and creative with the ball. The camps emphasis will be on advanced 1v1 attacking and defending skills through a series of sessions that will incorporate 1v1 attacking moves, back to goal training, 1v1 challenges and games, and small-sided matches. With low coach to player ratio each player is guaranteed to come out of camp a more confident all-around player.


Goalkeeping Camp - All ages  - available HALF day ONLY - (8am - 12noon)

July 5th - 7th

At the ASA Goalkeeper Camp, goalkeepers will learn the technical skills needed to be successful and tactical savvy from playing in the goal in game like situations under the guidance of a goalkeeper coach, coaching the player from in the goal and not from the sideline.  Each camp lesson finishes with game like situations combining the strikers and goalkeepers. Using small sided games in front of goals keeps the goalkeeper involved the entire time.