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 ADULT CO-ED Open Play

 Tuesday, 9pm - 11pm


Futsal Rules


  • No soccer balls allowed on courts. Futsal balls only. Futsal balls will be provided for all games.
  • No kicking balls outside of court area.


  • Shin guards must be worn by all players


  • 5 v 5: four field players and one goalie. Co-ed teams must play two of each gender.
  • Fly-in subbing. As many players as you want, whenever you want. Players must enter at the half-line after substituted player has exited from the half-line.

Game Start

  • Teams are "Game Ready" when they can field a full complement of players. The referee will start the clock and Game Ready teams will be awarded 1 goal per minute that the opponent is not Game Ready.
  • Teams not Game Ready within 5 minutes of scheduled start will forfeit the game. The other team will be awarded a 7-0 win for adults/high school and 5-0 for youth.
  • Two 22 minute halves, 3 minute half time

Player Conduct

  • No pushing
  • No tripping
  • No slide tackling
  • No shoulder-charging
  • No sliding (except for goalie inside penalty area)
  • No kicking a player or attempting to kick player (hit the ball, not the player)

Play Action

  • No off-sides
  • No walls. Ball is out when entire ball crosses entire line. Possession change.
  • Kick-ins only. Defense must be 8 feet aweay and ball must be on the line.
  • Kick-ins, kick-offs, and goalie throw-ins are indirect. Goalie can score with his feet.
  • Corner kicks are direct
  • No delay of game by defense on kick-ins or corners
  • Kick-ins and corners must be taken within 5 seconds
  • On kick-ins, if the ball does not enter the field, then the other team is awarded the ball


  • No goal kicks. Goalie throws the ball in always. Goalie has 5 seconds.
  • Goalie cannot punt the ball.
  • When playing back to the goalie, the keeper can only use their feet.
  • If subbing a goalie in the middle of a half, game plays on. No waiting!


  • Fouls inside the penalty area are the discretion of the referee. Direct kicks will result in a PK, with all players outside except goalie.
  • Fouls on the field, outside the penalty areas will be indirect. All walls are 8 feet back.
  • After 5 team fouls in one game, every foul thereafter will be a direct PK
  • Yellow card equals two minutes on the bench without team substitution.
  • Hard fouls or two yellow cards equals a red card and immediate expulsion from court area with no team substitution
  • 1 red card equals immediate ban from next match
  • 2 red cards in one season will result in ban from remainder of season. Further action may be taken.
  • If you hit the ceiling, it counts as a team foul and the other team receives the ball at the half line.
  • If the ball hits the ceiling by mutual player contact, the referee will issue a drop ball at the half line.


  • Scoring for adult/high school games will be capped at a 7 goal spread. U-6 through U-14 will be capped at a 5 goal spread.