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First Friday Fun Night will be December 1st

Come join in our fun for only $20!  Sports, pizza, movie & friends starting at 7pm and lasts until 11pm.  Call or register on our website to attend.



Middle School

High School


Co-Ed Open Play every Sunday December 3 - January 28                       (excluding 12/24 & 12/31)             - Middle School:  3pm-5pm         - HS & College:  5pm-7pm                 Only $5 per player




 ADULT CO-ED Open Play

 Tuesday, 9pm - 11pm


Austin Sports Academy Football Training


       One of the cornerstones of ASA is the private football training offered by our professional coaches. These hour-long sessions take place in both 1 on 1 or group settings.

       Training sessions start with the basic fundamentals for all beginning players. Techniques such as blocking, tackling, running with the football, passing and receiving.  Sessions then progress to the advanced techniques and drills collegiate and professional players use today.

       Let ASA elevate your game to the next level, whether that's becoming a starter on your middle school football team, or receiving a scholarship to a major university. Let ASA take you there!


 For more information please contact