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Do you like CAMP OUTS?

Want to CAMP OUT at ASA?

     First Friday fun will continue with a             CAMP OUT - stay tuned for more                information on this event!



Middle School

High School


Co-Ed Open Play every Sunday December 3 - January 28                       (excluding 12/24 & 12/31)             - Middle School:  3pm-5pm         - HS & College:  5pm-7pm                 Only $5 per player




 ADULT CO-ED Open Play

 Tuesday, 9pm - 11pm


Austin Sports Academy Fitness Training

       Are you serious about becoming more fit? With the right instruction, you can get fitter and healthier at any age. You can look better and feel better, and you can have fun doing it. Just as you did when you were a kid and you spent hours running, jumping and climbing – and never thought about it being exercise.

       Our goal is to provide you with tools that will help you achieve a new level of heatlh and fitness in an environment that encourages you to succeed.