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Do you like CAMP OUTS?

Want to CAMP OUT at ASA?

     First Friday fun will continue with a             CAMP OUT - stay tuned for more                information on this event!



Middle School

High School


Co-Ed Open Play every Sunday December 3 - January 28                       (excluding 12/24 & 12/31)             - Middle School:  3pm-5pm         - HS & College:  5pm-7pm                 Only $5 per player




 ADULT CO-ED Open Play

 Tuesday, 9pm - 11pm


About Austin Sports Academy

Our Philosophy:

       Austin Sports Academy (ASA, The Academy) is a multi-sport enterprise that brings together the skills, knowledge and experience of motivated coaches with national, regional, and local scope. The Academy aims to deliver more training, sport and physical activity opportunities for all levels of children and adults to help them engage in a healthy lifestyle, from weekend warriors to future professional athletes. 

       ASA focuses on a combination of general motor skills such as speed, agility, and balance to create self-confidence while also providing sport specific opportunities in soccer, football, and basketball.  ASA focuses on becoming a better athlete at younger ages, specializing as athletes’ progress, and incorporating sport specific elite training with age. Training is specific to the individual and their aspirations, whether that is making the junior varsity high school team, a specific age appropriate club team, or the Olympic team.  ASA’s goal is to teach a love of sport and physical activity through play; train for success on and off the field; and learn to live healthy and with a sense of self-confidence.